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The IV infusions are a great way to give your body that extra push it needs. I have had the beauty infusion and the iron infusions. In both cases my skin got a beautiful glow and my body felt revived.

Lucille Fenelon

I had a Myers cocktail and a Vitamin C/B12 infusion because I’ve been feeling sluggish and ran down from work, home-life, and traveling. This IV cocktail was just what I needed. Afterwards, I felt full of energy and ready to conquer whatever! I want to keep going to maintain my optimal health and energy. Makes me feel great! Thank you!

Celita Davalaar

I wanted to reach out to express the amazing experience I had speaking with Dr.James. I’ve been working long hours and feeling extremely sluggish the last couple weeks. I came across Premier Infusions and Wellness on facebook. Saw you posted a video explaining how beneficial IV Hydration can be. So I reached out to Premier Infusions to set up an appointment. Dr. James was extremely pleasant and educated me in the benefits of IV hydration. I would definitely make this apart of my weekly routine!! Thanks again!!!

Fueled Enterprise